Company Overview

Geared towards a more technology-driven stock market industry, Philstocks Financial Inc. continuously innovates its products and services to make the stock market more accessible for the investing public.

Since its establishment in 2001, we are consistently endeavored at providing precise and top quality trading experience through robust technology and high quality of service and customer support. Our trading platforms are employed with state-of-the-art technology which allows our investors, traders, and licensed agents to conduct their trades with convenience and reliability.


Corporate News

Accord Capital Equities Corp. is now Philstocks Financial, Inc.

Source: Philstocks

Manila, Philippines – Accord Capital Equities Corp. gets approval from the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to officially change its company name to Philstocks Financial, Inc.

Philstocks Financial, Inc. was chosen as the new name to reflect the company’s dedication and commitment to provide every Filipino a cutting edge innovation and technology in online stock trading’s platform and services by going beyond traditional. Both online and broker-assisted clients will continuously be provided a better, greater, and more delightful trading experience. Testament to these thrusts is the plan of the company to forge stronger partnership with every investor through an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

The change of name is in line with Philstocks’ corporate rebranding initiative reflecting its business pursuits in equities market as it takes on a stronger vision.

Partnering with every Filipino in its advocacy towards financial literacy and sustainable wealth creation and security is the core mission of the new Philstocks Financial, Inc.

Product and Services

Philstocks Online Trading Platform

  • Robust Online Trading Technology
  • Feature-packed, One-Screen-Do-It-All
  • Backed up by FREE learning series, research and analysis

Philstocks Mobile

  • PSE certified. The country’s first and only one of its kind.
  • Real-time Market Data, Interactive Charting Tool, Customizable Watchpack
  • Real-time Funding of Account

Broker Assisted-Trading

  • Personalized Trading Experience
  • Portfolio Management
  • Prompt and Precise Order Execution

Stock Certificate Lodgement

  • Stock Certificate Liquidation
  • FREE conversion to online trading account